Well well well…

July 19, 2010 Leave a comment

I haven’t written in this baby for quite awhile.  A lot has been going on in the past few months and I’ve finally been able to catch up a little. J63Z59C64C3D

Here’s a quick list of what’s been happening:

– Started my first full-time job at a medical IT company in Downtown LA, I officially quit last Friday(7/16/2010).

– Started an internet marketing internship last month and I can honestly say that maybe the best things in life are free.  Everything I’ve learned so far has been invaluable and I MIGHT just have found what I want to do career-wise. It actually helped me land quite a few interviews(I’m actually deciding between two companies right now) so I’m very excited.

– Started to cook.  I only make steak and chicken sandwiches right now.  But still, it’s a huge jump for me seeing as I used to be too lazy to even boil water to make instant noodles. 

– Other than that I’ve just been doing the standard workout/study stuff.  You know, all the self-improvement things that everyone is into after college.  Is it just me or productivity level skyrockets 100000% after school?  Gone are the days where I’ll sleep in til 11am and then take my first nap at 1pm 😮

Poker Related

– Been playing poker at Commerce Casino on and off since April — I think I ended up winning 12 sessions and losing 2.

– I’ll be playing at the Million Dollar Guaranteed at Commerce this week.  It’s sort of like a mini WSOP Main Event.  They’re going to have four Day 1s and a Day 2 and Day 3.  Buy-in is $335.


Still around…

May 6, 2009 1 comment

I’m still around, but I haven’t been putting in nearly as much playtime as I want to.  I’ve been playing on and off, but am looking to increase my volume soon.  School is ending in a month or so and I will be looking to increase my playtime by a lot.

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Another deep finish…but fizzled out in 6th

April 16, 2009 Leave a comment

I ended up taking a 6th place finish for about $2.7k last night in a $109 turbo.

After analyzing some of my hands, I realized this — just because you made the final table doesn’t mean you should just sit there and turtle for a hand.  You need to go with your reads and take shots sometimes.  There were at least two spots where I could have taken the chiplead with 6 remaining, but I decided to pass on those spots because I was too nervous about the spot I would end up finishing in.

As an example:

I was the BB with a pair of 3s and had about a 187k stack with the blinds at 10k/20k and the shortstack moved in for 97k in mid position.  There was a quick caller behind, and it was folded to me.  Normally, I would call and see a flop or even move all in to isolate…but instead, I folded.  Had I moved all in, the other caller likely would have called with his Kc Qc because he already had half his chips in, and I would’ve taken the chiplead.  Hell, even if I just called we likely would have checked it down to eliminate the shortstack.

But instead, I decided to deviate because I wanted to look for a better spot.  That ended up costing me a higher up finish.  So I guess what I am trying to get at is play the way you would play the hand most of the time, because it probably is the most efficient way to play it.  You obviously don’t wanna do that 100% of the time(because you would become too predictable), but I would say you want to make the move you make most of the time because it is probably +EV.

I ended up going out with AQ vs AK.


So I’m on the 2+2 forum reading a thread about ‘degenerate stories’, and some of them are hilarious:

i started palying 1 year ago, some relly nice guy send me 100 bucks to play, i ran to the tables i made about 1200, the next day i was in the 500 1 million guaranteed, lost it, and lost everythin in the nezt week, since the i stole my mom credit card and put 100, then 200, then 100, then 200, until i was 3000 in debt, sshe caught me, i told her i was going to pay her, but i havent. i skip classes from time to time, go to the casino, put 20 on some dozen, lose and im out, sometimes i bet on sports, i have like 100 tickts on my room, i still live with my parents, im 20 with 0 dollars to my name, im a donk at college also.

Then this one:

I turned 18 in February of 2006. Ever since then, my dad and I have been going to Indian casinos 3 to 4 nights a week. He is a teacher and doesn’t like the crowds on the weekends so we go on week nights, stay till about 4 or 5 AM then he goes to work on no sleep and I go to class. When we go, he plays blackjack and I play poker(I end up at the BJ tables cause of ape tilt).
We both lose a **** ton of money. We make sure to take the daily limit out of the ATM before midnight so if we lose we can take out more then. He is in debt from gambling 50k and about 15-20 of it is money he has given me. We have swongs every night of anywhere from 3k to -5k. Every casino in the area knows us by name and it’s very depressing. My girlfriend broke up with me cause of it. I have no friends. I can’t find a job because the last one I had I stole 600$ from. FML.

With all of that said, we’re going again tonight! Ship it!

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Deep finish in the 80k guaranteed.

April 12, 2009 Leave a comment

I had a final table finish in the $80k guaranteed($55 dollar buy-in, 2150 players, $17k for 1st) where I ended up placing 7th for 3k.  I was 4th in chips when I picked up KK UTG and a short stacked moved in…the BB 4-bet and I moved all in for the rest of my chips, and he showed AA.  Pretty bad time to have a cooler, but I’d do the same thing every time.  

Oh well, have to keep moving along.

Pretty funny vid I came across:

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in the midst of another nasty downswing

April 8, 2009 Leave a comment

Fyi: the following bullets are just for me to reflect on later when I look back at this blog.  I know no one cares for other people’s bad beat stories(I know I don’t).

You know you’re running bad when:

– you have JJ vs QA and get it all in on a Q J 9 Q board and the river comes A.

– you have 77 vs QQ and get it all in on a 5 7 J board and the turn and river comes running jacks to counterfeit your full house.

– your pair vs lower pair all in preflops which have an 80% advantage lose more often than they usually do. 

– getting set over setted in the SCOOP events multiple times.

– your 75% advantages continually lose at critical stages in the tournament.

Been pretty amusing for me for the past couple of days, but just trying to trudge through it =)  For the first time since January, I have decided to move down in terms of my average tournament buy in — I’m moving down from $60 to $27 sit n gos for the time being.  I’ve always read about how it’s a necessity for poker players to move down — because everyone encounters a wild downswing once in awhile.  I just didn’t expect to move down so soon…oh well =) 

In other news:

– I started promoting for Visionshock SD — pretty nice + fun group of people. 

– May is gonna be a pretty fun month imo:

  – May 2nd – our next VS event. come down! It’ll be fun I promise

  – May 9th – audiotistic.  above and beyond YES.  I’m looking at the lineup right now and it looks like Talib Kweli + The Cool Kids, etc. are gonna have a hip hop room — cool.  

  – May 15th – sungod.  NERD headlining with Cool Kids, Motion City Soundtrack, etc.  blah blah

  – May 22nd – vegas

Anyway, going back to poker.  Things will turn around soon I’m sure, downswings have nothing on me =)

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back from spring break, etc., etc.

March 30, 2009 Leave a comment

Spring Championship of Online Poker(SCOOP) starts this Wednesday.  Hoping to do some good things during the next 2 weeks 🙂

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finals week

March 16, 2009 Leave a comment

Haven’t found the time to play since last Thursday and I have finals this week.  I should have a little time after I get through my first two finals though…so hopefully I’ll be playing again starting Wednesday.  

Will post more later.

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