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Well well well…

I haven’t written in this baby for quite awhile.  A lot has been going on in the past few months and I’ve finally been able to catch up a little. J63Z59C64C3D

Here’s a quick list of what’s been happening:

– Started my first full-time job at a medical IT company in Downtown LA, I officially quit last Friday(7/16/2010).

– Started an internet marketing internship last month and I can honestly say that maybe the best things in life are free.  Everything I’ve learned so far has been invaluable and I MIGHT just have found what I want to do career-wise. It actually helped me land quite a few interviews(I’m actually deciding between two companies right now) so I’m very excited.

– Started to cook.  I only make steak and chicken sandwiches right now.  But still, it’s a huge jump for me seeing as I used to be too lazy to even boil water to make instant noodles. 

– Other than that I’ve just been doing the standard workout/study stuff.  You know, all the self-improvement things that everyone is into after college.  Is it just me or productivity level skyrockets 100000% after school?  Gone are the days where I’ll sleep in til 11am and then take my first nap at 1pm 😮

Poker Related

– Been playing poker at Commerce Casino on and off since April — I think I ended up winning 12 sessions and losing 2.

– I’ll be playing at the Million Dollar Guaranteed at Commerce this week.  It’s sort of like a mini WSOP Main Event.  They’re going to have four Day 1s and a Day 2 and Day 3.  Buy-in is $335.

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